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Welcome to Class 5/6 - Miss Critchley

Welcome back to school after what has been a very disrupted school year due to Covid-19. We are very pleased to have the children back as we have missed them. We are eager to getting back to normal - as much as possible- and are looking forward to a very happy, enjoyable and successful year together.

As a result of the exceptional circumstances during the last school year, we will be taking some time this half-term to revisit some of the previous years’ objectives alongside our current ones. This is in order to ensure that the children have some continuity and to avoid gaps in their learning. Please see below the areas we will cover throughout our first half term.

English: Our English lessons are made fun and exciting through drama, role-play and a range of quality texts which are relevant and interesting to the children with their writing having a real purpose. For our first topic, we are looking at ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ by Clare and Michael Morpurgo. As a start to this unit, we went on a lovely walk  (in our wellies!) around our local area, gathering vocabulary for our writing and taking photos as stimuli. From all our wonderful writing throughout this topic, as well as our photos and art work, we will be creating a class scrapbook, which we are looking forward to. Our reading lessons will include sessions based on our class text and also linked to a range of text extracts from a variety of books and different sources to ensure children are immersed in a wealth of text types from the start of the year.

Maths: Children’s maths lessons will focus on enhancing their strengths as well as learning new skills and concepts. We will focus on developing a solid understanding of different mathematical skills throughout the year, and ensure children are able to apply what they have learnt to a variety of contexts. This term, maths lessons will focus on developing understanding of the number system of numbers up to 1,000,000 (year 5) and 10,000,000 (year 6) this term.

Science: During this half term, the children will learn about the properties of materials and will continue to develop their scientific skills through practical enquiries and experiments. They will explore reversible changes including evaporating, filtering, sieving, melting and dissolving, recognising that melting and dissolving are different processes. Following this, they should be able to choose the correct method and equipment to separate mixed materials.  

History and Geography: For our History and Geography this half term, we will be stufying the Anglo- Saxons, Vikings and Scots. We will learn about the settlement struggle, particularly in Britain.

PE: Class 5/6 will have PE lessons on a Monday and a Wednesday. One of these lessons will focus on a particular sport, the first one being hockey. In these lessons, pupils will develop skills of invasion and defence and play small sided games in small groups as per current guidance. The second PE lesson will be a skills-based session, following our Real PE scheme, developing children’s sporting skills with a variety of challenges.

Art and DT: In our first art lessons, we will look at sketching and watercolour paintings. We will be creating our own pictures and drawings of different animals, buildings and plants that we have seen on our walks. These will be showcased in our class Wellies Scrapbook.

Homework: Homework will be provided through Google Classroom, under the ‘Class 5/6 2020’ page. It will be provided each Friday and will be due the following Friday. Feedback will be provided on this platform and children are able to comment on each activity or ask for help on there where necessary.

I really hope your child has a wonderful year in class 5/6, learning fantastic, new things, and making some great memories. If you have any questions, queries or concerns during the course of the year, I would be happy to discuss this with you via email, or on the phone at a mutually convenient time.



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