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Welcome to Class 4 - Miss Barber

Welcome to Class 4! Miss Taylor, Mr Charnley and I are amazed at how brilliantly our class have settled back into school after what has been a very strange few months for us all. We are very impressed with the great attitude to learning that our class is showing as well as the high standard of work the children are producing already; it looks like we have a fantastic year ahead!


We have started the year recapping some of the key learning objectives from year 3 that the children may have missed, particularly in English and Maths. This is to ensure there is continuity and to avoid gaps in your child’s learning. Please see below the areas we will be studying during the Autumn term.

Reading: In class 4, children are expected to read at least 3 times a week via ‘Bug Club’ or using their own books from home. It is still important for children in year 4 to read aloud to someone at home and to be asked questions as they read to ensure they understand the meaning of any new vocabulary that they encounter. Making predictions, inferences and deductions about characters or author’s intent are also skills which can be improved through questioning at home. Like we do at school, please try to encourage children to read books and other writing that they have not come across before – hearing and learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures, and discussing this with them, will greatly improve their reading (and writing!) skills.

Writing: This half term, our English text will be ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The Iron Man tells the story of a gigantic metal robot who appears out of nowhere, crashing onto the beach and shattering into many parts. He is discovered by a young boy called Hogarth, who becomes his friend. As we explore the book, we will discuss challenging themes including loyalty, friendship and emotions. There will be a lot of drama and writing opportunities alongside our skills-based English sessions, where we will take a deeper look into the use of repetition, complex sentences, similes and metaphors. The children will then write their own opening of the story using the features they have learned about. Our next text will be ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy. Whilst reading this text, the children will explore features of newspaper reports, letters and narratives and write their own relating to the text.

Spelling: Children will have additional spelling sessions alongside our daily English sessions, where we will focus on different spelling patterns and continue to build on the statutory word lists for year 3 and 4. Our new spelling programme links together handwriting, phonic knowledge, spelling rules, grammar and punctuation.

Maths: In Maths, we will continue to develop children’s arithmetic, fluency and mental maths skills as well as applying their understanding to a variety of problem-solving contexts. Across the term, we will look at place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.

We will all continue to work on achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for times tables, which go alongside our Times Table Rock Stars to reinforce children’s rapid recall skills. Children will need to know all times tables up to 12x12 by the end of year 4, as well as their related division facts.

Science: During the first half term, our topic will be ‘Electricity’. We will discover how to make working circuits, how to create our own switches and investigate which materials are conductors or insulators. Children are encouraged to work scientifically and will have plenty of opportunities to explore questions they may think of throughout the topic. We will also discuss the importance of being safe around electrical items.

In the second half term, we will move on to the topic of ‘Sound’. Children will identify how sounds are made, recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear, gain an understanding of pitch and volume and recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases. Again, there will be plenty of opportunities for children to work scientifically throughout the topic and they will be encouraged to present and explain their findings.

P.E: Class 4 will have PE on a Wednesday and Friday. PE kits will be worn on PE days with plain black or navy jogging pants or leggings if the weather is cold. School sweatshirts and cardigans can also be worn. In these lessons, pupils will develop skills of invasion and defence and play small-sided games in groups as per current guidance. The second PE lesson will be a skills-based session, following our Real PE scheme, developing children’s sporting skills with a variety of challenges.

R.E: This term, children will be starting their journey looking at the religion of Buddhism. The children will learn about the founder of the Buddhist religion, important festivals, symbols and places of worship for Buddhists.

Design & Technology: During the first half term, our project will link to our English text and Science topic. We will design and make an Iron Man containing a simple electrical circuit which can be controlled with a switch. The children have already thought of some fantastic ideas and can’t wait to get started! Following this, we will move on to our ‘Textiles’ topic where we will explore materials and various sewing stiches and use them to create a product. Throughout both topics, children will be encouraged to investigate different ideas and make changes where necessary to create a high-quality product. Once complete, we will critically evaluate our products to see if any further improvements could be made.

Geography: Our Geography topic is locational knowledge which will involve the children becoming more confident when using maps and digi-maps and being able to locate cities, towns and waterways around the country and wider world.

French: In our French lessons we will learning new vocabulary for numbers to 20, objects around the classroom, Bonfire night, and commands and instructions. We will practise saying and writing this new vocabulary in various contexts to help us to remember it.

Computing: During the first half term, we will be exploring how to keep safe online; in particular, how we know if someone is genuine or not when they make contact online. We will then be using ‘DB Primary’ to learn about input and output devices and ‘Espresso’ to explore computer modelling.

Music: We will be learning how to play the keyboard in our Music lessons this year and taught by an outside provider, Sue. Children will have weekly lessons where they will learn how to read music, interpret rhythms and use musical features to enhance their performance.

Homework: Children are asked to read three times and complete an activity on spag.com each week for their homework. Spag.com will be set on a Friday and due the following Friday. They also have access to the online platforms ‘Spelling Shed’ and ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ which they can use at home as often as they like. There will be opportunities for the children to complete some ‘Home Learning’ activities on Google Classroom across the term. This will help to familiarise them with the platform and consolidate the learning that is taking place.

We look forward to another enjoyable, happy and successful year of learning together. If you have any questions, queries or concerns during the course of the year, I will be happy to discuss this with you via email, or on the phone at a mutually convenient time.

Miss Barber

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