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Welcome to Class 5/6 - Miss Critchley

Welcome to Class 5/6

Reading: In class 5/6, children are expected to read at least 3 times a week to support them with expanding their vocabulary through exposure to a variety of text genres such as stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction and textbooks. Like we do at school, please try to encourage children to read books and other writing that they have not come across before – hearing and learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures, and discussing this with them will greatly improve their reading (and writing!) skills. Please initial where your child has read in their school planner.

Writing: This half term, our first English text will be ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. This historical fiction book is based on the true story of an orphan whose plight inspired Doctor Barnardo to try to help street children, and led to the founding of his children's homes. As we explore the novel, we will discuss challenging themes including cruelty, injustice, resilience and humanity. There will be lots of drama and writing opportunities alongside our skills-based English sessions, where we will take a deeper look into sentence structure and selective vocabulary. There will be a greater focus on writing for different audiences, how to manipulate sentences and carefully select vocabulary for effect and how to create different moods and emotions within our writing. We will look at varied sentence types and focus on using new punctuation, for example using commas, dashes and brackets to show parenthesis.

Spelling: Children will continue to have additional spelling sessions alongside our daily English sessions, where we will focus on different spelling patterns and continuing to build on the statutory word lists for year 5 and 6. The children are expected to know how to spell the statutory year 5/6 words by the end of year 6, and to use them as frequently as possible in their independent writing. The main spelling pattern focus for year 5/6 are as follows:

-Endings which sound like /ʃəs/ spelt –cious or –tious e.g. vicious, spacious

-Endings which sound like /ʃəl/ -cial or –tial e.g. special, initial

-Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence/–ency e.g. innocent, assistant

-Words ending in –able and –ible Words ending in –ably and –ibly e.g adorable, legible

-Words with the /i:/ sound spelt ei after c e.g. receive, ceiling

-Words containing the letter-string ough e.g. bought, cough, bough

-Homophones continues to be a focus as children need to be secure in not just the spelling of these words, but the correct context to use them in.

We will focus on these words and spelling patterns, as well as reinforcing others in our spelling sessions.

Maths: In Maths, we will continue to develop children’s arithmetic, fluency and mental maths skills as well as applying their understanding to a variety of problem solving contexts. Across the class, we will look at statistics, constructing and interpreting a variety of graphs, charts and diagrams. We will learn how to calculate the mode, median and range from a group of data, and year 6 children will also learn how to calculate the mean. Additionally, year 6 will be looking at ratio and proportion and delve further into algebra. We will all continue to work on achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for times tables, which go alongside our Times Table Rockstars to reinforce children’s rapid recall skills.

Science: Science for the term focuses on ‘Forces.’ For this topic, children will identify the effects of forces such as air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces. We will investigate how some smaller forces have greater effects, through looking at mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears. We will provide opportunities to experience forces that make things begin to move, get faster or slow down as well as exploring the effects of friction on movement and find out how it slows or stops moving objects

PE: Class 5/6 will have PE on a Tuesday and Friday.  PE kits will be sent home to be washed at half term.  One session per week is provided by an outside agency where the children will participate in striking and fielding as well as net games. The second session focuses on developing the key skills in games such as throwing and catching.

R.E: This term, children will look at the different types of places of worship for different groups of Christians. We will investigate what denominations are, and the differences between them. Additionally, we will explore the events leading to the death and resurrection of Jesus and the meaning and significance of these events for Christians. We will learn to understand ideas of sacrifice and forgiveness.

Art: We will be using various sketching and pencil techniques across our art lessons this half term. We will also focus on creating our projects for the Warrington PAN Exhibition, where we will explore creating collages as our chosen medium, inspired by artists such as ‘Derek Gores’ and ‘Dolan Geiman.’

History: Our History topic will be ‘North America.’ Children are very excited about this unit and there will be opportunities for us to explore and compare the geographical features of different places they have particular interests in across the continent.

Homework: Homework will be handed out on a Friday and due the following Friday. We mark the homework as a class (year 5 and 6 separately) to give the children opportunities to go over any questions they have and to support them with the answering of questions on their homework. The children are asked to take this marked homework back home with them so parents can see how well they have done.

If you require to speak to me, please don’t hesitate to contact school or write a note in your child’s planner, which I will always respond to. In class 5/6, we are trying to provide more information in your child’s planner to show you how well they are doing in class! Look out for any stickers and notes in their planners which show this! We love hearing your responses and feedback.

I look forward to the rest of the year and all the exciting things ahead with your children.



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