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Welcome to Class 5 - Mrs Jeffrey

Welcome to Class 5 – Mrs Jeffrey

PE Kits: PE will be on a Monday and Wednesday.  PE kits will be sent home to be washed at half term.  Kits and pumps should be named.  

Reading: The children are expected to read independently at least three times a week and are encouraged to read more where possible.  Children can record their own reading, however, we would appreciate it if you could initial to confirm that the reading is actually taking place, as well as a signature at the end of the week.  You can also log any concerns that you may have in the planner. It would be advisable if you could listen to your child read aloud once per week to help discuss meanings of words and help with understanding.

Homework: will be given out on a Monday to be completed and returned by the following Monday.  Your child will be expected to complete Maths or SPAG homework in addition to times tables practice and reading every week.

English: In English we will use a variety of good quality texts to encourage the children to produce good quality writing.  As a class we will be writing for lots of different purposes and we will be looking at different styles of writing.  We will encourage the children to widen their vocabulary and investigate the meanings and origins of words as well as their range of punctuation. 

Maths: In Maths we will be solving problems involving angles, describing translations and reflections of shapes, converting different units of measurement, measuring area and perimeter, volume and reading and writing roman numerals.

Foundation: Science for the term is Electricity.  The children will learn how electricity has changed over time, draw circuit diagrams using the correct symbols, describe which variables to control while planning an investigation, make predictions and decide how to record their results.

In R.E. the children are given the opportunity to learn about the beliefs of the Christian and Hindu religions and their festivals. They will learn about the meaning of the festivals for believers, the way in which they are celebrated around the world, and what children may learn about their own lives and communities from them.

In Art, the children will use a range of skills and techniques to produce a finished piece of work that includes combining colours, tints, tones and shades.

Geography will be a study of the local area.  The children will develop their enquiry skills and strengthen their skills in using a range of resources such as maps, photographs, directories etc.

P.E. - One session per week is provided by an outside agency where the children will participate in athletic activities. The second session will focus on the key skills that can be applied in a variety of different sports/activities.

Music – The children will identify character traits represented in musical examples and evaluate a composer’s portrayal of animals in music.

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