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Welcome to Class 4 - Miss. Malik

In Spring term 2, Year 4 will still be focusing on ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King for English. We will be reading the story as a class and completing character descriptions on different characters in the story, creating newspapers and their own story. In topic we will be focusing on Geography and we will learn about rivers, coasts and water cycles. We will look at rivers around the world and in England. For Art lessons, we will be focusing on shadows and reflections and linking them to rivers and coasts. We will look at different Artists work such as Dali and Monet and we will explore using some of their techniques.

In Maths, the children are focusing on fractions, time and word problems. We will also look at recalling all of the time tables, therefore each week the children will be tested on a particular times table. Every Wednesday the children will have a times table test. In lessons we will practice to help the children with their tests, however it will be very useful if the children also practice at home.

P.E lessons will take place on a Monday and Tuesday, therefore all children need to make sure that they bring in the correct P.E kit. In R.E the children will be learning about the key events in the Easter story and will mainly focus on ‘sadness to joy’. Children are expected to read at home at least three times a week out loud to an adult and it should be recorded in their planners.

Thank you,

Miss Malik

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