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Welcome to Class 4 - Miss. Malik

PE Kits: PE will be on a Monday and Thursday. PE kits will be sent home to be washed at half term.  Kits and pumps should be named.

Reading: Year 4 children are expected to read three times a week and planners must be signed by an adult.

Homework: This term the children will be focusing on the Stone Age for their homework.  They can pick as many activities as they would like to complete from the Homework Menu which was given out on Parent's Evening.  The children have until 8th April 2019 to complete this work.

Spelling: Year 4 children will be learning the Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling words in our spelling groups.  The children will be expected to know how to spell them and use them as frequently as possible in their independent writing.

English: Year 4 will be focusing on 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy for English.  We will be reading the story as a class and completing setting descriptions, character descriptions, diary entries, letters and creating our own story.

Maths: The children are focusing on multiplication, division, how to create bar and line graphs and we will be looking at fractions too.  We will also look at recalling all of the times tables, therefore each week the children will be tested on a particular times table.  The test will take place on Thursdays.  In lessons we will practice to help the children with their tests; however, it will be very useful if the children also practice at home.

Science: This term is focusing on Rocks.  They will be learning the names of different types of rocks and if they are natural formed or man-made.  They will also be looking at what the rocks are used for and how they are formed.

RE: The children will be learning about Christianity and Buddhism - The Journey Through Life.  They will also be learning about the Easter Story.

Art: We will be looking at different types of sketching techniques and creating some lovely Art work linked to the PAN exhibition.

History: We will be learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age.  The children will start learning about the artefacts, clothing, cave paintings and evidence found on the Stone Age before learning how things developed and changed.

PE: The children will be focusing on Invasion Games and net/wall games.

If you require to speak to me, please do not hesitate to call into school.  I look forward to working with both you and your children.


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